Mommy Bears Cleaning


House keeping services guideline as each situation is different.

Daily                          £15.00 per hour

Weekly                       £16.00 per hour

Fortnightly                 £17.50 Per hour

Monthly                     £20.00 per hour

General house keeping can be agreed between client and myself.

All Regular cleans are advised to book in once every 6 months for a Deep clean separate to the weekly clean. 

 Deeper clean

Please move heavy furniture beforehand as I am not able to lift.


                                £25.00 per hour.

Offer 5 hours at      £99.00 

Oven Cleaning     

                                £30.00 Single

                                £40.00 Double 

                                £50.00 Range

Fridge/Freezer Cleaning   

                              £25.00 Small

                              £30.00 medium   

                              £40.00 Double

Please ensure fully defrosted before arrival

Office cleaning

                                  £17.50 per hour

End and Pre Tenancy cleans 

Starting from

                  average state/bad state. 

Studio Flat         £99.00      £150.00 

One bed             £125.00     £175.00

Two Bed             £175.00     £225.00 

Three Bed          £ 225.00    £275.00

Four Bed            £275.00     £325.00

Five Bedroom   £325.00     £375.00

Please add on cost of fridge and freezer clean if required.

Builders clean up

                                 £25.00 per hour

Laundry and ironing service in house

                                       £20.00 per hour 

Companionship and food preparation 

 Do you need someone to pop in and make a sandwich and have a cuppa and a chat, or have you a relative you just cant find the time to go and see but to tied up with other commitments.Then I can do this for you. 

                                                                              £20.00 Per hour 

Activities friend

Need someone to motivate you in your hobby, then let me share this with you. We can set a time and dedicate the time to achieve this in your home. Maybe its painting or drawing lets make it happen. The kettle must be on mind.

                                                                               £20.00 Per Hour


I can offer my help with general tiding and mowing your lawn. 

                                                                                £20.00 per hour


 I have been a hairdresser for 30 years, basically retired, however i do offer this service to house bound people.

Cut                                                  £17.50

cut and Blow-dry                          £25.00

Blow-dry                                        £15.00          

Colour with Cut and Blow-Dry     £40.00

Perm with Cut and Blow-Dry       £40.00

Collection and return, washing and Ironing 

                                 Small bag/Large bag

 washed and dried        £17.50        £22.50

Ironing per item


Tee shirt                                                                     £1.00      £0.50    

Jumpers/ sweaters/Hoddies and Cardigans             £1.50       £1.00

Blouses and Shirts                                                     £1.75       £1.25

Dresses                                                                       £1.75       £1.25

Jackets                                                                        £1.75       £1.50

Jeans /trousers                                                          £1.50       £1.00

Pillow cases                                                               £1.00

                                                                                   sheets /Duvet

Single                                                                         £2.00  £3.00

Double                                                                       £2.50   £3.50

Kingsize                                                                     £3.00  £4.00

Super Kingsize                                                           £3.50  £4.50

Tee towels                                                                 £0.50   

 All others quoted on day, please allow collection and drop back charge for £5.00

Minimal order £15.00

Activity planner and host for different occasions from small to large events.

Please feel free to  discuss your ideas with Caroline who has a background as an entertainment host in several hotels overseas and many events in England, from birthday parties, christenings and weddings etc.  

Please call Caroline on 07518983416